MYRIAD Implementation Study

Implementing mindfulness in school settings: Teachers’ voices


The aims of the study

The MYRIAD team is interested in finding out how and why schools decide to introduce mindfulness for their pupils and staff). The study looks at how schools have worked with mindfulness, and which factors supported them, as well as the challenges they have faced.


The time-scale

Data collection took place during the school year 2015/2016.


The schools

The schools were located all over England, and featured a range of different characteristics.


The research design

At the schools, interviews were held with members of the senior leadership team and mindfulness teachers. In addition, teachers were involved in focus groups, including teachers who were broadly supportive of mindfulness and teachers who were critical of mindfulness. The discussions were audio recorded and transcribed, before being analysed by members of the research team to identify common themes and experiences arising in different schools.


Implementation guidance

This project will produce implementation guidance for schools interested in introducing, developing and sustaining mindfulness in school settings. This will be a web-based resource featuring short films, ‘talking heads’ and useful documents.


Watch this space!



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