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What is the purpose of the project?

Adolescence is a time of change and development. Learning skills that build resilience has the potential to help adolescents navigate these challenges during their time at school and build a platform to serve them throughout their lives.


What will we do?

We will compare existing, good quality social emotional learning that is already being taught in schools (known as ‘teaching as usual’) to a programme of study that is based on mindfulness techniques.  Mindfulness is a way of being present to experiences as they happen, rather than worrying about what has happened or might happen in the future.

The mindfulness programme, called ‘.b’, has been developed by the Mindfulness in Schools Project and is a series of 10 lessons plus a small number of follow up sessions in subsequent years. The lessons are designed to appeal to young people and each one teaches a particular mindfulness skill. Typically, a lesson includes an introduction by the teacher, supported by prepared resources, practical exercises and demonstrations, which make the ideas relevant to the pupils. Participating teachers in schools allocated to the mindfulness group will be trained to deliver the intervention to pupils.


How have schools been chosen?

We are inviting mainstream secondary schools in the UK to apply to take part. We are looking for a range of schools that are representative of schools in the UK, although unfortunately schools without a substantive Headteacher or with a current inspection rating at the lowest level, e.g. unsatisfactory or inadequate are ineligible to participate. In this instance, special education schools don’t fall within the scope of the project. We are looking for schools who are not already using mindfulness techniques in their school, therefore if your school has already introduced a mindfulness programme, you will not be able to take part. If, however, someone in the school has attended a mindfulness taster session, this would not count as a full mindfulness programme.


Participant Information Sheet

The full MYRIAD information sheets for teachers can be read here: 

Teacher Information sheet for England and Wales

Teacher Information sheet for Scotland

Teacher Information sheet for Northern Ireland


Further information

What does taking part mean for a teacher? See a diagram of a teacher’s progression through the 3 years of the project (Schools recruited in 2016)

For schools already on the project who were recruited in 2016 see below:

The full MYRIAD information sheet for teachers recruited into the study in 2016 can be read here


To register an interest in taking part in the project follow this link to let us know

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who to contact

Contact details for the team based at the University of Oxford For Headteachers & Teachers We are currently recruiting schools ...
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Information for Headteachers

What is the purpose of the project? Adolescence is a time of change and development. Learning skills that build resilience ...
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Participation criteria

Click to view the criteria that must be met for schools, teachers and pupils to take part in the MYRIAD ...
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Support for Headteachers and Teachers

There are a range of people who can help if you or someone you know is feeling unhappy, distressed, confused ...
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What does taking part mean for a Teacher?

The diagram below indicates what Teachers will experience in both the 'teaching as usual' and mindfulness programme groups of the ...
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