The MYRIAD Research Challenge

Helping pupils to develop research skills and find the answers to the questions that they care most about.

The questions young people ask can tell us so much about the issues they care about, their interests and concerns. The MYRIAD Research Challenge builds on this to invite young people to ask the research questions that are most important to them, letting them prioritise and find the answers. During the trial we collected nearly 800 individual questions covering a range of topics, such as the impact of homework and social media on well being alongside proven strategies that young people can use to help navigate stresses and pressures of school life; through to understanding how young people nurture and develop healthy friendships in the digital age.

Word cloud generated from research questions

These questions have then been developed into viable research questions. Over 2000 young people then voted on which questions they would like to be included in the research and the fifteen most popular questions were included in our questionnaires.

Anonymised data from the selected questions was collected from study participants and is now being packaged to give back to schools and young people. The schools’ package will support young people in conducting their very own research projects from forming research questions to analysing data through to getting their findings out into the world.