Resources for schools

Research-based workshops

We are offering a range of research-based workshops  to our participating schools on the following topics:

  1. Careers in Research (for pupils in Year 7 up to sixth form)
    A research careers presentation which provides students with an introduction to research and its applications in a real life context. Information is provided on different roles available in a research career and the different industries in which this can take place. We will discuss personal qualities which are helpful for a career in research and some pathways into research careers.
  2. Primary Research Project Design (for pupils in Year 7 up to year 11)
    An interactive session which covers a range of topics related to designing a research project. Students are first given an overview of what research is (definition, purpose of research, contextual examples), and then are taken through the step-by-step stages of designing a research project. Students are tasked with designing their own research project from developing a research question through to choosing a method. The session ends with a peer review where students review each other’s designs.
  3. Applied Ethics in Research (for GCSE pupils and Sixth Form social science students)
    Designed for an audience who already have some knowledge of research design, this session provides students with an insight into how ethics are managed in the ‘real world’ research context. This begins with an overview of MYRIAD, an introduction to ethics (definition and a brief history), how researchers ensure a project design is ethical (consulting guidelines and Research Ethics Committees) and introductions to key ethical considerations (benefit and risks, consent and confidentiality). Throughout, students are invited to work in groups to discuss ethical considerations of specific research scenarios.

Outreach Information

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