MYRIAD Teacher Training Project

Evaluating how best to train classroom teachers to deliver mindfulness training competently in school settings

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Study Registration: ISRCTN18013311

Part of a wider collaborative research programme into the role of mindfulness in promoting mental health and building resilience in adolescence.


What is the research project?

This study, which is part of the broader MYRIAD Research Programme, is looking at different ways of training teachers to deliver a mindfulness programme to young people. It will look at how the training programmes affect teachers’ own health and wellbeing and how well they prepare teachers to teach the programme to young people in their schools. Participants in this project are secondary school teachers of young people aged 11 – 14.


Teachers in the project are following one of four different training routes, each of which is made up of two phases of training:

Phase 1 – Personal mindfulness training

In phase 1 we will compare two forms of personal mindfulness training: an 8-week, instructor-led face-to-face course, and a self-directed mindfulness course which can be completed independently, at home.

Phase 2 – Syllabus training

In phase 2 we will compare two ways of providing syllabus training to teachers who have already completed phase 1: a 4-day face-to-face training, or a 1-day face-to-face training.


In total, there are four training routes that will be compared. All the teachers in each school participating will be on the same route. This study is currently underway with around 200 teachers participating from more than 40 schools in England. The teachers will be beginning to deliver the programme in their schools in Autumn 2016! We will share the outcomes of this project as soon as they are available.

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