Meet the team

Photo of Daniel Brett
Daniel Brett
Research Coordinator University of Oxford

Daniel joined the MYRIAD team in June 2015 and works across all themes of the project. He previously worked as a research assistant in the Department of Psychiatry on a cohort study of adults with bipolar disorder, and a project investigating the use of a smartphone app for tracking the symptoms of bipolar disorder.

Photo of Catherine Crane
Catherine Crane
Project Manager University of Oxford

Dr Catherine Crane is Scientific Programme Manager for the MYRIAD project and Research Lead at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre. She has worked at the Department of Psychiatry, Oxford, since 2003 on a variety of projects. Her interests include the psychological processes involved in recurrent depression, suicidal ideation and self-harm and the use of mindfulness based interventions to prevent depression. Her previous research has included experimental work on mechanisms of recurrent suicidal depression, a collaboration with the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children, University of Bristol to explore the causes and consequences of over general autobiographical memory in early adolescence, and outcomes for young people who self-harm. She was closely involved in the “Staying Well after Depression” trial, a multi-centre randomised controlled trial of Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy for prevention of depressive relapse in adults and is excited to explore the potential of mindfulness training to prevent first onset of depression and other problems in adolescence.

Photo of Willem Kuyken
Willem Kuyken
Principal Investigator University of Oxford

Willem Kuyken is Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Oxford, and Director of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre.

Read Willem’s research focus and brief biography here

Photo of Liz Lord
Liz Lord
Schools Liaison Lead University of Oxford

Liz Lord is the schools liaison lead for the MYRIAD project at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre. She is a school teacher and former Assistant Head at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital school. For the past three years she has been teaching mindfulness to 11-16 year olds in a Pupil Health Referral Unit in Salford and helping to successfully implement this approach throughout. She was a member of the Senior Leadership Team, SENCO and CAMHS liaison. As part of the Emotional Health Implementation Group in Salford she has been teaching adult mindfulness courses to their Educational Psychology teams, Inclusive Learning teams, Chatsworth School for pupils with additional needs and parent groups. She is currently completing the MSc in Mindfulness based approaches at Bangor University.

Liz is someone who you may meet at school as she will be making visits to schools in the project.

Photo of Edward Miller
Edward Miller
Masters of Science student University of Oxford

Dr Edward Miller joined the MYRIAD team in October 2016 and is working on trying to classify any adverse or negative side effects experienced by children who are practicing meditation. He is a medical doctor with an MBBS from the University of Adelaide, Australia and has an interest in psychiatry, particularly mental health and the wellbeing of children and adolescents.

Photo of Elizabeth Nuthall
Elizabeth Nuthall
MYRIAD Trial Manager University of Oxford

Elizabeth Nuthall is a Trial Manager on the MYRIAD project and has a leading role in planning and co-ordinating the schools-based randomised controlled trial. Originally studying Zoology at Nottingham University, Elizabeth then worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 15 years where she was involved in clinical trials in a variety of roles including project and staff management. For the last 5 ½ years Elizabeth has worked as a Trial and Operational Manager at the University of Oxford. From 2010 she worked at the Oxford Vaccine Group working on vaccine and immunology trials and in Jan 2016, she moved to the Oxford Mindfulness Centre.

Photo of Lucy Palmer
Lucy Palmer
MYRIAD Trial Assistant University of Oxford

Lucy Palmer is Trial Assistant for the MYRIAD project, with a particular focus on the delivery of the Theme 3 schools-based randomised controlled trial. She has previous experience of working as an administrator of clinical trials, before which she worked as a post-doctoral research assistant at the Francis Crick Institute in London and she has a PhD in Developmental Biology from UCL.

Lucy is someone who you may meet at school as she will be making visits to schools in the project.

Photo of Anna Sonley
Anna Sonley
Research Assistant University of Oxford

Anna Sonley studied Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford before completing a PGCE at the University of Cambridge. She worked as a teacher and holds a Masters of Education from the University of Cambridge. Her particular interests are in the mental health and wellbeing of children and adolescents.

Anna is someone who you may meet at school as she will be making visits to schools in the project.

Photo of Laura Taylor
Laura Taylor
Research Assistant University of Oxford

Laura joined the MYRIAD team in September  2015 after completing her Doctorate at The University of Oxford. Her research focussed on depression and anxiety in adolescents and how discussing problems can have varied impacts on mental health.

Laura is someone who you may meet at school as she will be making visits to schools in the project.

Photo of Stephanie Wilde
Stephanie Wilde
Post-Doctoral Researcher University of Oxford

Stephanie is a researcher on the MYRIAD research project, with a specific focus on examining the implementation of mindfulness in school settings through a qualitative research design, and in the context of the pre-existing research and understandings.

Her research experience includes working as a research officer for the Nuffield Review of 14-19 Education and training, and completing projects for the SKOPE research centre at the Department of Education, University of Oxford (including most recently a research project on training managers for the WorldSkills competition).

Following her degree in Modern Languages (French and German) at Exeter College, Oxford, Stephanie trained as a teacher and worked in England and Germany in schools and other institutions. She returned to the Department of Education to complete the MSc in Comparative and International Education, and then her doctorate in education, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. For Stephanie’s thesis, she interviewed teachers in eastern Germany about their perceptions of the changes to the secondary school system after the fall of the Berlin wall.

Photo of Mark Williams
Mark Williams
Principal Investigator

Professor Mark Williams is Emeritus Professor of Clinical Psychology and Honorary Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Psychiatry and was Director of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre until his retirement in 2013. He is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society, the Academy of Medical Sciences, and the British Academy.

Professor Williams, along with colleagues John Teasdale (Cambridge) and Zindel Segal (Toronto), developed Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy for prevention of relapse and recurrence in major depression. His research is concerned with psychological models and treatment of depression and suicidal behaviour, particularly the application of experimental cognitive psychology to understanding the processes that increase risk of suicidal behaviour in depression.