Participation Criteria



  • Able to fulfil SEL/PSHE assessment

  • Are a mainstream UK secondary school, with pupils in the school for at least 4 years

  • Have English speaking curriculum

  • Have at least 5 teachers that meet criteria for inclusion

  • Be able to timetable into the normal curriculum the mindfulness programme taught by the trained teachers if allocated to training arm of the trial.


  • Has already introduced a mindfulness programme
  • School has current inspection rating at the lowest level, e.g. unsatisfactory or inadequate
  • School has no substantive Headteacher

  • Special educational needs school



All participating schools need a group of at least 5 teachers who would be willing to complete questionnaires for the duration of the project.

To participate in this project teachers must:

  • Be a fully qualified teacher according to the regulatory framework of the country working in. (Examples are; Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), 2 years classroom teaching experience, have completed the national induction programme or probation period)

  • Have a permanent contract with the school, or likely to be in the same school for next 3 years

  • Be available to attend an 8 week personal mindfulness course consisting of a 2 hour class each week together with a ‘silent day’ which is usually on a Saturday and then attend a further course to be trained in the mindfulness programme (4 full days optionally residential) in the current school year

  • Be willing to complete measures for the project

  • Be happy to deliver the mindfulness programme to pupils in school following training

Unfortunately, in this project teachers cannot:

  • Be a newly qualified teacher (e.g. NQT)

  • Have already completed an eight week face to face mindfulness course or the ‘.b’ training provided by Mindfulness in Schools Project

  • Be currently identified as unsatisfactory in their performance management cycle




  • In first 2 years of secondary school

  • Are in a school and a class taking part in the trial

  • Has good comprehension of written and spoken English

  • In case of needing additional support, has teaching assistant available




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