Which schools are eligible to participate?

We are inviting mainstream secondary schools in the UK to apply to take part. We are looking for a range of schools that are representative of schools in the UK, although unfortunately schools without a substantive Headteacher or with a current inspection rating at the lowest level, e.g. unsatisfactory or inadequate are ineligible to participate. In this instance, special education schools also don’t fall within the scope of the project.

We will recruit schools that have the following:

  • Regular discrete, named teaching time for PSHE or SEL

  • A designated PSHE or SEL lead

  • A named member of SLT has responsibility for supporting PSHE or SEL

  • Documentation denoting clear strategic planning of PSHE within the school

In addition (but not essential) we would be interested to include any schools whose pupil progress in PSHE or SEL is evaluated.

If you are still interested and meet the eligibility criteria, please click on this link to pass on your details so that we can contact you about the next steps.

We are looking for schools who are not already using mindfulness techniques in their school, therefore if your school has already introduced a mindfulness programme, you will not be able to take part. If, however, someone in the school has attended a mindfulness taster session, this would not count as a full mindfulness programme.

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