Qualtrics Questionnaire

Please find the link to the video which explains the process if you have had the questionnaire sent through a qualtrics link. We have also provided a text transcript of the video for accessibility purposes.

Click here to watch the video for the Qualtrics Questionnaire

Pupil guide  – transcript for qualtrics video

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All of your answers will be completely confidential. This means that all of your answers are private, and no one will be looking at how you as an individual have answered the questions. We will do this by locking your questionnaire after you have finished so that no one else can access your answers.

Because all of your answers are confidential, this means you need privacy in today’s session. If you’re taking part at school you will need to be in exam conditions. This means answering on your own and in silence, not looking at anyone else’s screens. However, this doesn’t mean it is a test – there are no right or wrong answers.

If you are taking part at home, try to find a quiet space where other people can’t see your screen.

We want you to be honest with your answers and to take the questions seriously because this research will hopefully help lots of people your age in future.

It is best when completing these questionnaires to go with your first instincts. So if you are unsure, we would suggest that you go with the answer you thought of first, and then move onto the next question.

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To get started you will see this assent form, which has questions that you can answer yes or no to, if you are happy to do the questions with us today then you would need to answer yes to them all. It’s completely up to you to decide if you want to take part.

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If you answer no to any of the questions, it will ask you to double check. If this was a mistake, press “back” and change the answers. If you decide not to take part today, press next.

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If you have decided not to take part today, please type your school code and pupil code into the boxes here. This is so that we know not to follow up and ask you to complete the questionnaire at a later date.

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If you are not taking part today, your teacher will tell you what to do instead.

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If you say yes to answering the questions, confirm your name in these boxes and then press next.

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To access your questions, please type your school code and pupil code into these boxes and then double check them before pressing next.

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All questions are multiple choice and each set asks you about different times – it is really important to read the instructions at the beginning of each set of questions as they may ask you about the last week, last month or just in general, so pay extra attention to what the question is asking.

If you are not sure about a question, go with your first instincts and then move on to the next question. If there are any tricky words don’t worry, your teacher will be able to help.