What We Did

The MYRIAD Project was organised into four related areas, each asking different questions:

  1. Does schools-based mindfulness training work? We answered this with a large schools-based trial, where schools were randomly allocated to treatment groups (mindfulness training or teaching as usual). We compared the effect of schools-based mindfulness training vs. teaching as usual on young people’s mental health and well-being.
  2. How does mindfulness training work in young people? We answered this with a series of experimental studies exploring young people’s ability to self-regulate in the face of challenging situations.
  3. Can schools-based mindfulness training be scaled and implemented in school settings? We answered this in two ways. First, we used different methods of teaching teachers how to deliver mindfulness lessons, and explored which method was the most effective. Second, we looked at examples of schools that had implemented schools-based mindfulness training to differing degrees, and explored what could be learned.
  4. How did young people cope through the COVID-19 pandemic? We answered this by following up a large group of young people from pre-pandemic into the pandemic, to see what factors predicted their mental health and well-being. We wanted to explore young people’s resilience, but also resilience at broader levels of the school and wider communities.

You can read about the results of our trial by visiting the publications page or clinking here.