Who We Are

(From left to right) Top row: Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, Tim Dalgleish. Bottom row: Willem Kuyken, Mark Williams.

The project is led by Mark Williams and Willem Kuyken at the University of Oxford, and Sarah-Jayne Blakemore  and Tim Dalgleish at the University of Cambridge.

MYRIAD Trial Co-Investigators 

(From left to right) Top row: Sarah Byford, Tim Dalgleish, Tamsin Ford, Mark Greenberg. Bottom row: Willem Kuyken, Obi Ukoumunne, Rusell Viner, Mark Williams.

Sarah Byford (KCL), Tim Dalgleish (Cambridge), Tamsin Ford (Cambridge), Mark Greenberg (Penn State), Willem Kuyken (Oxford), Obi Ukoumunne (Exeter), Russell Viner (UCL), and Mark Williams (Oxford).

University of Oxford Research Team

Alice Phillips, Alice Tickell, Anam Raja, Anna Sonley, Ariane Petit, Catherine Crane, Daniel Brett, Eleanor-Rose Farley, Elizabeth Nuthall, Elsie Sellars, Emma Medlicott, Isobel Pryor-Nitsch, Jem Shackleford, Jennifer Harper, Jesus Montero-Marin, Kate Tudor, Katherine De Wilde, Katie Fletcher, Konstantina Komnindou, Laura Taylor, Liz Lord, Louise Aukland, Lucy Palmer, Lucy Radley, Lucy Warriner, Maria Kempnich, Matthew Allwood, Nicola Dalrymple, Nils Kapplemann, Ruth Baer, Suzannah Laws, Triona Casey and Verena Hinze.

University of Cambridge Research Team 

Darren Dunning, Jenna Parker, Kirsty Griffiths, Marc Bennett, Marie Vainre and Rachel Knight.

University College London Research Team 

Ashok Sakhardande, Blanca Piera Pi-Sunyer, Cait Griffin, Jovita Leung, Lucy Foulkes and Saz Ahmed.

University of Exeter Research Team 

Ben Jones and Susan Ball.

Kings College London Research Team 

Poushali Ganguli.


A public engagement ‘teenage brain’ event.

Some of our research staff (across all teams).

The inaugural Trial Steering and Data Monitoring & Ethics committees.

Public Engagement Team

Catherine Aldridge, David Owen of Gurukula and Ruth Mackay of Catalyst.

The Scientific Advisory Board

Celene Domitrovich, Nick Allen, Pim Cuijpers, Susan Bogels, Terrie Moffitt, Uta Frith (Chair) and Vikram Patel.

The original grant application included the support of a number of collaborators including Alan Stein, Chris Cullen, Chris Fairburn, Duncan Astle, Emerita S. Opaleye, Felicia Huppert, Ian Goodyer, Irene Dumontheil, Katherine Weare, Maarten Speekenbrink, Patrick Smith, Philip Zelazo, Richard Burnett, and Susan Gathercole.

Trial Steering Committee

Cathy Creswell (previous Chair), Chris Bonnell, Lucinda Powell, Nick Axford (Chair), Paul Ramchandani (previous member), Paul Stallard, Sam Cartwright-Hatton, Steve Hollon, and Una Sookun.

Data & Ethics Committee

Jan R. Boehnke, Judy Kidger, Mike Campbell (Chair), Obi Ukoumunne, Ruth Baer (previous member), and Sona Dimidjian.

The Mindfulness in School Project provided consultancy on the Schools-Based Mindfulness Training.