MYRIAD Young People’s Analysis of Data (MYPAD) is a package of resources designed to help young people learn about research methods and provide the opportunity to analyse real data.

The pack was created as a product from the Young Researcher Challenge, part of MYRIAD’s public engagement programme, which aimed to involve young people in the design of psychological research.

Young people around the UK co-designed a research questionnaire focussing on issues about wellbeing that were important to them. In these resources, we share the methods used and the data collected with you, to use in your learning and research projects.

The resources are designed to be flexible. They can be used as single sessions; run in series to support the learning of research methods; or provided as a full pack for students to work through their own research projects.

By using the materials in this package, we hope young people will learn about:

  • The research process from start to finish in the context of a real-life project called the MYRIAD project
  • Analysing a data set from real research
  • How to carry out a research project
  • Some of the career opportunities in psychological research

It is ideally suited to the following scenarios:

  • A level student studying research methods in Psychology or Sociology
  • A level student who use statistics, e.g. Psychology, the sciences or Maths
  • EPQ / CREST or other independent projects
  • Those interested in careers in psychology or research
  • More advanced GCSE studies


What teachers say

“The pack contains great resources for teaching research methods and stats. Not only does it provide clear and coherent explanations of different aspects of research methods, such as ethics, data and sampling, but it does so in a coherent and relevant way for Year 12 and 13 students.”

“It’s really great to be able to work with real data, especially data that is relevant to our students.”

“Students are given insight into what it means to be a psychologist at university.”