The Teenage Brain

The Teenage Brain resources were first used as part of an interactive, face-to-face workshop for young people.

Informed by the latest research into the mysterious working of the adolescent brain, the activities are designed to spark debate and discussion between young people, peers, teachers and families alike, and help people learn more about how the brain works.

We have adapted the original workshop into activities to try in a school, a club, or at home, for audiences aged 9+. These are all available to download and include:

  • Worksheets to support the running of an activity
  • Additional resources: further reading, wordsearch, crossword etc
  • Information sheets
  • Instructions on how to use these resources

The activities introduce several tools that are used in real-life research and were used by researchers on the MYRIAD project. We hope that they will inspire an interest in science amongst young people and help them to look deeper into the mysterious workings of the teenage brain.


Download the Teenage Brain resources pack and Information sheets.

Plus – Faces for use in the emotional Stroop

Teacher feedback:

“An engaging set of activities to allow students to experience how their brains work and start to think about scientific research


“Hands-on, engaging activities and timed short tasks”


“It has been great to find out more about my brain. I had no idea there were so many changes happening during the teenage years.”